Music Lessons

Stano Harmonica Lessons

Private Guitar Lessons

I offer private lessons for beginner and more advanced players. I teach fingerstyle and flatpick guitar, clawhammer, oldtime and bluegrass banjo, ukulele and harmonica. Please contact me to get more information. Email [email protected]

Group Harmonica Lessons

I recently completed a six week group harmonica class at Rhythm for Unity Studio, where I offered a block of group harmonica lessons. The class covered playing popular melodies by ear and with the use of tab, playing the blues in first position and cross harp, tongue blocking, note bending, (both draw and blow bends) and above all playing with feeling and having fun. We will be using Key of C harps. The class  was geared toward beginners and  those with some prior harmonica experience.
For more information on harmonica group lessons, e-mail John at: [email protected]